Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Toast To Boss

Three days ago Boss celebrated turning the big 30. I think it was slightly traumatic for him, but personally, I like being married to an older man! It ensures that I will always feel young. Our plan was to go to the new resort and casino for the evening, but we ended up with dinner at Chile's, a PG movie (Rocky), and we were in bed by 10 pm. My how time has changed things! I am not sure what we were celebrating more.....a birthday for Boss, or a night away from our children? Either way, I don't ever seem to care what we are doing as long as we are doing it together. That might sound cliche, but it is the truth.

Our world right now is filled with small children, diaper changes, and two am feedings, so time together is truly precious. Each moment a gift to be celebrated, though I am not sure we celebrated this entrance into the next chapter of Boss' life quite the way that we should have. I think as the year's pass, love in a relationship does not fade, but it changes. We know in our minds how we feel about our spouse, but it is no longer verbalized as often as it used to be. And I am feeling saddened because I am not sure that I celebrated Boss the way he deserved to be celebrated on his special day. He is an incredible man, husband, and father, and I want him to know it. Boss, the reason's why I love you are countless, but I am going to try to list a few of them here.....

I love you because you are deeply committed to providing for your family.

You make me feel as attractive as the day that we married.

You read princess stories and sing (chant) princess songs to your daughters.

You get up early with Kate most mornings so that I can sleep in.

You make me laugh.

You are a wonderful cook.

You listen to my dreams and try your hardest to make them a reality.

You are a loyal friend.

The list could go on and on. Ladies, I know each of you believes you are married to the very best man in the world, and it is okay that you are wrong in your thinking. You simply don't know better, because you aren't married to my sweet husband (and for that I will forever be grateful). Boss is Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker combined, in a very manly sort of way, and I don't thank him enough for all that he does. So Boss, thank you. It is a privilege to be your wife. Happy 30th birthday. May all of your dreams come true, because mine already have. Thank you for allowing my to walk through the years with you. I love you forever, to moons on sticks and back again.

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