Friday, October 23, 2009


It turns out that our new little one is stubborn. After counting down the days until our BIG ultrasound, yesterday it finally arrived, and we were so very excited. I did all of the right things. I drank all of my required water for the day, and about an hour before the appointment I had a light snack and a glass of fruit juice to try and wake baby up. But it did not work. Our baby is stubborn. For the majority of the appointment, Baby Z Number Three had his or her little hand covering the important area that we needed to see, and with his or her other hand, little one was literally giving us a thumbs up! It was pretty funny! Except for the fact that it wasn't. The ultrasound technician had me walk around, jump up and down, do jumping jacks, and roll around on the table to try and get baby to move, but nothing worked. We were pretty bummed! For all of you mama's who purposefully keep the gender of your baby a surprise, I do not know how you do it!The good news is that we will get to try again soon, so hopefully baby will be in a more cooperative mood. Until then, I am simply enjoying this sneaky, stubborn little one growing inside of me.


The Grigsbys said...

Too funny! Sorry that you didn't find out, but glad s/he's healthy!

Paula said...

OMW what a wonderful surprise. HUGE congratulations! God is good!