Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jack Ryan Huston

Baby Boy officially has a name. After much deliberation (and with the girl's help), Boss and I have finally decided that Baby Z Number Three will be Jack. Jack after Boss' mom, Jackie. I LOVE the name Jack. I think it is sweet, yet strong, and it goes nicely with the theme I have going of naming all of our children with four letter names. The only other names we considered were Luke (which Emma said made her tongue want to throw up), and Sam, but in the end, Jack won out because I love naming our children after family.

Baby Jack is growing every day! The girls enjoy watching my tummy move when he kicks, and they love giving brother kisses each night before they go to bed. I cannot wait to see the three of them together.

Thank you God for Emma Leigh, Kate Elisabeth, and Jack Ryan. I could not ask for more!


Amy said...

I love the name! What a blessed little boy! I hope everything continues to be happy and healthy.

kalibug said...

Great strong name!!

Julie said...

Hey Kendra! Congrats on baby number three!!! Ben and I are expecting too. I am due in May. I love ready your blog and seeing what you are up to. Hey, I am sending out my Christmas cards and I wanted to send you one but I dont have your address. My e-mail address is if you want to e-mail it to me! Thanks! Talk to you soon!