Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Update

Somewhere in the midst of this busy holiday season I reached 28 weeks of pregnancy, also known as the third trimester! Hooray! Things are still going well. I can still find my ankles (on most days), have gained eight pounds, and am still feeling pretty well each day. No major complaints! My blood pressure has been fluctuating at my appointments, but unless it rises and remains high I will not be put on any restrictions. I am still loving being pregnant and am thankful for the little (getting bigger!) kicks I feel each day.

Along with my growing belly, Jack Ryan's personal belongings are growing as well! Thanks to friends, family, and Christmas giftcards, he now has a crib and dresser, a stroller/car seat combo, bedding, a fancy monogrammed diaper bag, and a growing wardrobe! After the first of the year we will get busy installing a door to separate his side of the room from the girls and painting the walls. Pretty sure baby boy would not like sleeping in a pink striped room!

Sometimes I feel as though this pregnancy has flown by, and other times I wonder how my stomach can stretch much more over the next 12 weeks. Next week I go for my glucose screening and Rhogam  shot, and after that we begin doctors visits every two weeks. Keep growing Baby Jack!

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