Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Update

Wow! I can't believe this month is about to be coming to a close. What a whirlwind! With the end of the school year and the start of summer, the Zickafoose clan hit the ground running and we have not looked back. I have so many updates and pictures to share, I thought I would do a bullet post update to recap the month, followed by several picture posts. Here we go!

* We started the month with the girls dance recital! Such fun having two little ballerinas in the family. This year Emma's class did their routine entirely on their own without a teacher on the stage. Emma remembered all of the moves and we were so proud of her! She continues to say that she loves taking dance, and it is her goal to one day wear point shoes. If she continues to love dance the way that she does now, I have no doubt that she will achieve her goal! Kate also did a fantastic job! She smiled so brightly and loved being on stage. At first I was a bit nervous after the dress rehearsal. During the rehearsal she did the first move that her teacher did, with a smile on her face, but then she held that pose for the entire routine and did not move an inch! She was just standing there in her pose, smiling, while everyone else danced around her. It was quite precious and funny! However, she pulled it together at the recital and did a fabulous job, doing everything that her teacher instructed her to do. We love you dancing darlings!!

* The next week we had Bible Day Camp all week. Emma loved it, but Kate not so much. She decided it was overwhelming and did not like being in a large class away from Mommy, so she spent the last three days at home having dates with her daddy.

* During all of this chaos, we moved to a new house on campus. It is a larger home with a walk out basement, an extra spare bedroom, and a fenced in backyard. While we loved our other house and have many memories there, all three of our kiddos were sharing a room, and we knew eventually we would need more space. Ben worked hard painting our new home, and with brand new flooring throughout we are loving it!

* The day after Bible Day Camp ended, we left for a family vacation at Myrtle Beach. So fun, and can I just say that my children are excellent travelers?! They are the best and we had a blast. Moments alone as a family are rare in our life, which makes trips like these all the more precious to us.

* While on vacation, Jack Ryan turned three months old! Love that boy!!!

* Once home we spent the week getting the house settled and preparing for Kates 4th birthday party, a Dora the Explorer Backyard Bash for the neighborhood (family party to follow). Can't believe our baby girl is now four. Where does the time go?

And that takes us to today, I do believe. Ben has left for a week of camp, and I am holding the fort down here with all of the kiddos. We lead a busy, yet incredibly blessed life. Thanks for checking in on us and look for pictures of our summer adventures soon!

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