Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final Round of the Dancing Duo

This year was Emma's fourth recital and Kate's second, and final, time to take the stage. My Buggey has decided that dancing is just not her thang. She does not enjoy anything about it, and she cried and cried when I dropped her off backstage the day of the performance. I did bribe her with chocolate and flowers if she would complete her final dance with a smile on her face, and since she will do just about anything for a little chocolate, her dance was a success :). But after her last bow, Kate kissed dancing goodbye. She now has her little heart set on being a soccer player and can't wait to join a team this fall. I love, love watching my children explore different likes and interests in their lives. So amazing how God creates each of us so uniquely! Because while dance is not for Kate, my Emma LOVES it! This year she got to have a lead role in her class' dance, and she did great! Definitely so proud of her! She did think about joining Dance Company this coming year, but we decided as a family that we were not quite ready to explore outside interests so heavily at this time. But we are definitely excited to see where dance takes her in the future! I love both of my daughters SO much and am SO in love with the little girls they are growing into.