Saturday, March 2, 2013

God STILL Answers


In case you are wondering, God still answers prayer. I know this, because he just answered one for me. For two weeks I continually laid a request before God, a request I believe has been building in my heart for the past two years, perhaps even for a lifetime. And on Thursday, God answered.

I fear I have been looking at God, and prayer, and the Bible all wrong. Robbing all three of their power in my humanness. I would talk to God in prayer, but I would really only get serious when I wanted something. As if God could be my own personal genie. I would read the stories in his Word, but it's as if I believed they were just that. Stories. Tales from long ago. I believed the stories of the Bible were true, but I could not seem to relate them to my own life.

And then I saw a book title on a blog. The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. And the more I read, the more my life began to change. And I began to wonder, could the God of the Bible, the God who parted the Red Sea, the God who shut the mouths of lions, the God who provided manna in the desert, the God who made the blind to see, and the God who sent a Savior for sinful me... I began to wonder if that very same miracle making God could really and truly be active in my own life today. Because his miracles may not look the same in our today as they did back then, but does that make them any less miracles? And did I not see him working because I didn't really believe that he could? Or that he would?

So I began to pray as if I meant it. And the more I prayed, the more I did. And the more I did, the more I began to believe that the very same God in the Bible, the God who accomplished one amazing, miraculous feat after another, was capable of doing the same in my own life. I even started to believe that he wanted to. He only wanted me to have faith enough to ask. And it has been life changing.

For two weeks now I have boldly asked God to answer my prayers, and I have already seen him at work like never before. Not because he wasn't working before, for I am now convinced that God is always working, but I was not seeing because I was not looking. God answered a BIG life prayer for me last Thursday, and I give him all the glory. Sometime soon I will share the story with you. It is a good one. But tonight? Tonight I simply wanted to share with you that God is active..So do not be afraid to ask him, because he answers. And his answers are going to change your life.

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