Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! After many months of eavesdropping in blog land, I have finally decided to create my own blog. Because I figure that the new year is a perfectly good time to for a new adventure. Boss, my better half, finds blogs a bit creepy, but I have loved getting to look in on family and friends every day lives. I have loved the honesty and openness in which some people share about the happenings in their days, and I hope to do the same in my own writing. So many in this world are struggling, and it has been refreshing to find others in the same walk of life that I currently find myself. I hope that this blog will serve as a scrapbook that my young children can one day look back on to see the recorded events and milestones of their lives. I hope that this blog will serve as a way to keep us better connected to family and friends who are too far away. I hope that this blog will be a creative outlook for me as I write and share what is on my heart. My prayer is that this blog preserves our story, that future generations might be encouraged at what the Lord has done in our lives. Because everyone has a story to tell, and this is ours. It is my goal to make each simple day in life something beautiful, and as I strive to do that, I invite you all to read along. Life is short and I do not want to miss a thing. May God bless each of you as we enter a new year. May he bring new blessings, strengths, and promises your way each day as we enter into this new chapter of our lives.

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