Sunday, July 22, 2007

Toddler Tidbits Continued

We were playing at the play place at the mall last week, and Emma made friends with a little African American girl. All of a sudden Emma started stroking the girl's arm and saying, Your skin is so beautiful. I just love your color! She then looked at me and asked why she didn't have a pretty color.
I believe this is the first time Emma has ever noticed a difference in people's skin colors before and she thought it was beautiful and amazing!

Emma went on to tell the little girl that she used to have brothers (at the children's home) who had beautiful skin, too (they were Navajo). She said, Little girl, you are just so beautiful, and my boys were beautiful, too. I just love it when all of the colors are happy. Amen, Emma, Amen. Isn't all of life beautiful through the eyes of a child?

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