Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Friends. I hope you ended 2007 on a good note, and are ready to begin 2008! At our home, we are ready for this new year and fresh start. We are excited about many things (to be shared in a later post) and are thankful for the wonderful year that we had.  Last night, my parents and my brother and his wife came over to celebrate New Years Eve. The girls prepared a feast in the kitchen, while the boys watched the children and the television screen. After a delicious dinner, we played games and talked. We had our traditional New Years ice cream sundaes (a tradition started in my mom's family when she was a girl), and at midnight we toasted with sparkling punch. My dad read a toast that he wrote (shared below). He included all of the foster girls who live our my house, as well as my family, so you might not recognize some of the names, but it was funny and we had a great time. Blessings to you in 2008!

A Farewell to 2007 and Booyah to 2008!

Twas New Year’s Eve and in a corner of the house,
Miss Kendra was hugging Mr. Ben, her main squeeze and spouse.
And April was screaming loudly for she’d just seen a mouse.
When all of a sudden they heard such a clatter,
Da had fallen off the roof and landed with a splatter.

Kat was sitting in the living room all sad and alone,
Wishing her boyfriend would call her on the telephone.
Grammy was in the kitchen working a crossword puzzle,
While Sarah was busy repairing Grace’s Xmas muzzle.

Emma was playing Barbie’s and talking up a storm,
While Kate was break-dancing, which seemed quite the norm.
Justin and Claudia were having some sort of medical discussion,
While Claire was wondering how to say “Happy New Year” . . . in classical Russian.

Yes, it was quite a year for the E’s and the Z’s,
We all moved from Albuquerque, which wasn’t a breeze.
And dear Claudia who had her appendix removed,
But not by Justin, who was in his 3rd year of Medical School.

Ben started new jobs, 1 . . . 2 . . . and . . . 3,
He likes Village Christian and is their brand new A. D.
Emma took ballet, and Kate woke up at 4:00,
While Franki lived in the basement and whined at the door.

Kendra took up quilting and knitting, but only longed for her warm bed,
But, had four different girl’s schedules to deal with instead.

Now the hour has come, it’s no longer New Year’s Eve,
It’s New Year’s Day, and our hosts wish we would leave.
So we bid you adieu, the party was great,
Sayonara 2007 . . . Bienvenidos 2008!

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Kenny DuBois said...

Good Blogging Miss Kendra! Always love the updates and those fab pics by Da.

K DuBois