Monday, April 7, 2008

Twenty Days

Twenty. That is how many days the stomach virus has been running wild through my household. I suppose when you have eight people living under one roof, it is bound to be passed back and forth, but this is getting ridiculous. I started it off back in the middle of March, then Emma got it at Easter, Boss during Spring Break, one of the big girls last week, Emma again, and now me once more. If I never have to clean up bodily functions again, it won't be soon enough. I am so tired of feeling yucky! But enough about that.

I have not heard anything new on the adoption front. However, I have not really left my house to talk with my caseworker either. I finally got all of my paperwork in, and now we are just waiting on Boss to fill out his part. I do seem to be plagued with baby fever. And baby fever is much better than the stomach virus!

Kate is being very cute these days. She is talking more and more, and her favorite thing to say is,  I cared! I cared! Translated, I'm scared.. She says it over everything, and then she wants you to hold her and pat her back. Emma has been struggling with needing attention lately. We had that very troubled young girl in our home for the last month (she left last Friday), and the entire experience was tough on Emma. I am thankful all of my other experiences with our foster girls have been positive, and I am thankful that my boss was so proactive in getting this girl out! I will never let foster care impact my daughters negatively. Anyway, Emma was tired of this girls tantrums, and the fact that I was constantly having to hold her down when she started into her tantrums, and Emma was doing crazy things to try and get our attention. Thankfully, she has perked right up over the weekend and is back to her silly self. It was a rough month!

Next weekend, Boss and I are going to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years! I can't believe it. Our anniversary is really in May, but that is when we are leaving for our family summer vacation to the beach, so this is the only chance we have to celebrate. We are going to stay at a Bed and Breakfast on the river. I love my husband and can't wait to spend some alone time with him. I think it's just what we need.

Anyway, that has been our life in a nutshell. The weather has been awesome here, and I am hoping we are feeling better soon so that we can get out and enjoy it. On the upside, all of this sickness has really helped out my diet, and maybe it won't be so tortuous to pull out the spring clothes!

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Mob said...

Boy, I'm glad you got the troublemaker out of your house. Thats the last thing you need, especially when you are sick.
We've had colds and haven't been outside to enjoy the nice weather in over a week. Here's to ALL of us feeling better!