Thursday, May 15, 2008

Losing Weight in 2008

I am trying to lose weight. There. I said it. Currently, I am not really watching what I eat, but I am trying to cut back. When I try and diet by watching what I eat, I have noticed in the past that I fail. Eating every meal out of a little cardboard box, or drinking my meal out of a can, just doesn't cut it for me, and I end up quitting.

And because I am not really watching what I eat, I have decided to try a little something called exercise. I have been working out for exactly one month now, and I have lost seven pounds. Our property has a nice two mile loop, and I am making sure that I go at least two to four miles a day, five days a week. I started out simply walking, then I went to walking fast, and now I am walking and jogging.

And I have come to find that I love to be out on the land by myself. It is a great way to get some quiet time in to pray, plan my week, think about goals for my kids, and dream of baby number three. When I don't get to go, I miss it! So far being out on the land is working far better for me than any gym membership I have ever bought. It is becoming a vital part of my day.

I have always struggled with my weight. I was never overweight until after having my second daughter, but I have always struggled. In college, I struggled tremendously with an eating disorder. Those were dark times. Through treatment and many prayers said on my behalf, I can honestly say that I completely overcame that. Once I was married and became a mama, my thoughts were naturally no longer on myself. Being thin was just no longer as important as it used to be. I became much more focused on being a good wife and mama, and I am ever so thankful that my addiction did not keep me from doing so.

After I had Emma, it took about a year, but the weight I gained with her just naturally came off. Then came my pregnancy with Kate. While the pregnancy itself was great, I had health complications afterwards that kept me from getting right out there to exercise during the months after she was born. Then we moved, and then it was winter, and then we moved again, and before I knew it almost two years had passed, and I had not gained or lost a single pound during that whole time period.

So here I am now. While I would like to have lost more this first month, I am pretty happy with seven pounds. I must admit that I still struggle with getting caught up in the number games with the scale, but I am trying to simply focus on becoming healthier, and the weight will take care of itself. I know it will be a lengthy process to lose true weight and keep it off, but I am ready. I am thankful for gorgeous weather, beautiful land, and a supportive husband to help me do so.


Paula said...

I would be thrilled with 7lbs too. Great job, now your're getting me pyched to lose that extra 5 that just wont go away.
I'm sure you guys will do just fine with the physicals!

Julie said...

Weight is something that is always on my mind too! But 7 lbs.--that awesome! I have several friends that have done weight watchers and it really works. I know you can even do it on line for $5 each time. It's all about getting HEALTHY and changing you lifestyle but it's so easy once you get used to it! I'll be praying for you!

Ryan and Angie said...

well, well, well.....I like it when you go for your walks, I actually get to talk to you!!! I guess I need to start working a little harder too. I don't want ot look like a whale next to you and Kristin during Vacation. After all we all can't be like Kristin and be the same weight after a baby!! (We love you anyway Kristin!)

Kim said...

Great job!!! Exercise is the best way to lose and it makes you so healthy, too!!! If you are up to jogging/walking 2-4 miles a day, that is wonderful!!! It will keep coming off. 7 lbs is a great start!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adoption!