Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

My week has arrived! My birthday week, that is! Yes, I celebrate my birthday for an entire week. Don't you? When I was younger, I used to celebrate my birthday for an entire month, so it appears that I am maturing with age. But I do insist that my family go all out for my one week! Part of my present this year, was for Boss to redo our master bedroom and bath. Here is how it turned out!

So, for my 26th birthday, I thought I would write down 26 things that you may or may not know about me. Here Goes:

1. My favorite drinks are sweet tea and coke.

2. Boss and I knew of each other for six months before we ever had a conversation, we dated for two months before becoming engaged, and were engaged six months before being married. Our friends thought we were crazy and many of them told us so. We have been happily married for five years!

3. I am incredibly afraid of elevators, and take the stairs EVERY time.

4. I struggle with fear and anxiety.

5. I am the mother of two amazing girls and hope to adopt one to two more.

6. I was in college for four years and still don't have a degree. I don't care. All I have ever wanted to be was a mama.

7. I have been a housemom for three years and have had over twenty foster kids in my care.

8. I LOVE my job.

9. I hate coffee, but love the smell.

10. I love to sleep. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

11. I love taking a bath more than I love sleeping. Thank goodness our water is free!

12. When I was younger, I did not like my brother. Now he is one of my friends and I look forward to talking to him each week.

13. I am always late. I don't like that about myself.

14. I love to read.

15. Sometimes, I fantasize about being Amish. Weird, huh, given the whole bath thing.

16. I love correcting other people's grammar. I hate when my mom corrects mine.

17. I want to adopt a child.

18. I am scared to adopt a child.

19. My daughters take my breath away.

20. I am not good at saying "I'm sorry." I am working on that.

21. I do not deserve a husband like Boss. He is more than I could ever have imagined.

22. Even though Boss has a masters degree, last year we stood in line for welfare. It was tough on our pride. This year we have too many blessings to count.
God is good.

23. I am a Christian. I should do a better job of sharing my faith with others.

24. I have never smoked or been drunk. The girls in my house can't believe that.

25. I have written a few children's books, but have never sent them in to try and have them published.

26. So far, life is getting better with each passing year. I am enjoying growing up.


Paula said...

Happy Birthday weekend! Yours is the same as Hannahs. I can't believe you never got drunk. That is something to be proud of! I wish I could say that. Love the new bedroom.

Ben said...

Dear Kendra,

Happy Birthday! Each day with you is a gift, and I am so lucky to have you as my wife. Our life together has been full of changes at times, but I have always known that even through the changes, your love for me will be constant. I love you and I am lucky, non-deserving, and "fortune"-ate (you are worth more than a fortune) to have you in my life, to be my mate, best friend, and mother to my beautiful daughters. You are GREAT, and I am shouting it to everyone- I LOVE YOU!
On this special day my gift to you is for you to take as many baths as you want, and to read your new books as long as you want, and to talk about our feelings any time you want. I love you,
Your Husband,

Ken said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess! It's hard to believe that 26 years ago today that God gave us a bundle of joy as wonderful as you. Thank you for being such a good daughter, wife and mom. You embody Christ's teaching of servanthood. You are much like my own mom who was always there to help anyone in need. This is seen in your day to day mentoring of the girls God has entrusted to you as a houseparent and your own beloved Emma and Kate. May your Heavenly Father continue to shower down upon you His many blessings throughout your life.

Your Earthly Father (Da)

Kim said...

Happy Late birthday! I loved reading your list *about you*! And your birthday weeks sounds like amazing fun! What a sweet husband!


Brady and Kristin said...

I think I'm going to start adopting your birthday week myself...this sounds wonderful! Loved reading your comments and even made me a little teary eyed thinking about my wonderful friend so far away! Send in those books, I want first dibs on an autographed copy for Abby! (Where did you get your bedding?)