Sunday, December 14, 2008

Memory Making

I realize that my blog has been silent lately, but we have been busy making memories. Memories that I hope stay with my children well past their childhood. We haven't been doing anything special, just the usual holiday things, but they have been special to us, because we have done them together as a family.

We have taken Christmas card photos and addressed envelopes. We have decorated our trees and strung lights outside. We have listened to Christmas music. We have baked cookies and completed our Christmas shopping. We have been to parties and visited with Santa! But, we have also been doing lots of snuggling by the twinkling lights of the tree and drinking hot chocolate. We have learned new songs together and talked about the birth of Jesus more. We have talked about those who are less fortunate than we are, and we have been reminded to count our blessings. We have simply enjoyed being together, making memories as a family. .

Kate's sleeping is going wonderfully! For two straight weeks, she has gone to bed at seven pm and not woken up until five am. It has been bliss. I can't even explain to you how refreshing this is for Boss and I. Yay for parenting books! And can I just say that both of my girls are growing up so quickly? Sometimes when I look at them, I just want to freeze time. It's going by too fast. I saw an old friend at the mall the other day, and she commented that I now had two big girls... no more babies! She was right!

And speaking of babies, you may have noticed that I haven't broached the subject of adoption in a long while, mainly because our minds have gone in many different directions over the past year. But the short of it is, the adoption plans are back on. We are ready to send our completed home study in. We just need to choose an agency. We have it narrowed down to three, and I believe we may tackle that after the first of the year.

So many exciting things to look forward to! I can't tell you the peace I have felt in my heart lately. Usually, I am a bit of an anxious person, but lately, I have felt peace and I am thankful. Boss' job is still up in the air, my job can be quite draining at times, my little girls have needs that need to be met, and we aren't sure which agency to choose, but we have decided that all of those things can wait until January. For now, we will enjoy each other. Memory Making. That is what we will do.

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