Friday, November 6, 2009

Half Way There

I have now been pregnant with Baby Boy for twenty wonderful weeks. To date, I have gained three pounds, I still have ankles, my energy abounds, and everything has been great health wise. Baby Boy moves every day, and while I have felt his little kicks for awhile now, you could see them from the outside of my stomach for the first time this week. I had forgotten how awesome that is to witness! We truly are blessed.

Baby Boy's belongings are growing! Boss had chosen a three piece suit with a purple bow tie for the special coming home day, but thankfully, I won, and Baby Boy will come home in a sweet, little blue gown and his Little Sport hat. So precious! We have also decided to purchase one big item a month before Baby Boy's arrival, and this month we bought our stroller and car seat. Man, have those things gone up in price since we had the girls! Crazy! But the one I chose has bright orange trim (I am a fan), so I pretty much think it is awesome.The weather is changing here, getting colder every day, and I am ready to settle in to the long winter months. I foresee many days at home, and much nesting in our future! Children are such an amazing blessing from the Lord!

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