Monday, July 5, 2010

House Picture Preview

We are really enjoying our new house! The above pictures are of our new family room/den/basement (not sure what we will call that room yet!). I think that room is my very favorite part of our new home. I love that it has big glass doors that let in lots of sunshine. I love that it has a red brick wall which adds lots of charm. I love that there is enough space down there for a TV area, a reading nook, and a home school area. That is where we will be doing our lessons each day, and I am so looking forward to it. Also down in the basement is the laundry room, a bathroom (which needs lots of work), and a bedroom which we will use as a guestroom/playroom once it has new floors. For now it is just storage.

The main level of the house is just like our old house, minus a few of the same details. We got new living room furniture and painted the walls a warm chocolate instead of yellow like we had in the old house. We painted our dining room pale yellow on the top, with white bead board on the bottom, and I somehow convinced Ben that we needed a new dining table. We ended up finding a beautiful white table on major clearance, which seats ten and fills my homey heart with joy! Picturess soon! The kitchen in this house is probably the only thing that I do not like as well as I did in our old house, but it is still cute, and will definitely do.

The upstairs in this home looks exactly like it did in our old house, except for the fact that I convinced Ben on a whim that we should paint our bedroom blue. For now all three kiddos still share a room and that will not change until they are ready/old enough to sleep away from us. I remember wishing as a child that I had someone to sleep with me, so I think it is kind of cool that all of my kids are all tucked in together each night in the same room. If only Kate could manage to stay awake past seven oclock, they could have some fun in there before lights out! :)

We are loving our home and thank God for not only providing for our every need, but also for giving us a few of the desires of our hearts. When I was growing up I desperately wanted to live in a large country home with a big table filled with lots of people. I wanted to rock on my front porch and watch my kids play in wide open spaces. I always thought it would be cool to have a mini van full of children. While it is not exactly how I planned it all in my head as a child, God has fulfilled every one of my dreams. Our huose is always busy, loud, and bustling, and I not only have a minivan full full f children....I have a 12 passenger full! Ha! Life is good.

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Amy said...

I love that room! I can't wait to see more...especially since you are such a good decorator! I'm so happy for y'all.