Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Month Update

Three pictures for three months! I can't believe my boy is getting so very big. In reality, he is closer to being four months old, so I figured I should get this update in before it was too late! Jack is getting to be such a big boy...literally :). He is preciously round and chubby and I just love, love, love to smooch his giant baby thighs! Both of the girls were rather petite, so we are loving having such a roly baby. Jack LOVES to eat! He is fully on formula now (which was not my first choice, but we had such issues with his breathing and reflux) and eats about six ounces every three hours except for at night. He takes his last feeding of the day between eleven pm and midnight, and then will sleep anywhere from six to eight hours before feeding again and then going back to sleep for another two hours or so. It is not a perfect schedule by any means, but we are all getting some much needed rest, and I do feel as if the newborn haze has finally lifted. Whew! We made it!

Jack Ryan LOVES to smile! At first I was worried he was going to be a rather serious baby, but now all you have to do is look at him and he breaks into the biggest grin. Precious! We have also heard him belly laugh, but only twice. The first time was when I was rubbing sunscreen on his toes at the beach, and the second time when I was changing his diaper. Jack has also started cooing and talking to us (almost non-stop!) and has recently discovered his toes. He is not rolling over without help yet, but I am sure it is only a matter of time. Our boy seems to do things a bit slower than the average curve, but he eventually gets there :).

What else? Jack is still a huge fan of his swing and his paci. Both of those things are lifesavers throughout each day. Oh yes. I believe that Jack's hydrocele's are gone! The urologist had decided to just watch them, but in the last couple of weeks he has started to look less swollen so that is great news. Also, we found out that Jack has no severe breathing problems or issues. He does make a stridor (loud squeaking noise when he breathes) but the doctor thinks it is a result of his acid reflux. He thinks the acid has built up on his esophogus which cause a funny noise when he breathes. Also, Jack has a floppy vocal box (not sure of the scientific term for this), but that is something he should grow in to.Because of his reflux he still sleeps at an incline in his bouncer each night, but I think soon he should be moving to his bed. We will see.

We simply love and adore our son and think he is absolutely perfect. I am amazed at the ways God has answered our prayers, both big and small, in regards to his life. The big prayers? That we were able to concieve him and carry him to term without any major health complications. The little things? As silly as it is, I wanted a baby who would take a paci. The girls never did and while I may regret this later, Jack LOVES his paci (as long as it is an Avent). I wanted a baby with curly hair. Okay, okay. I agree Jack's hair is straight (and seems to be falling out!), but when it is humid or he gets wet, his hair curls up into tiny curls on the back of his head. I think it is a special gift just for me:). I wanted a chubby baby. Jack has rolls to spare. I wanted a baby who would sleep and be easygoing. Jack is all of those things. I am overwhelmed at all of the ways I see God's fingerprints all over his life. Precious, precious boy. So very glad that he is ours!!

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Paula said...

Oh my gosh, its been so long since I've blogged. Huge congrats on your baby boy Jack! He is adorable. I'm so happy that your dream came out the way God wanted it too!