Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Happies

* Going to the Beach (a MUST for the Z family).

* Pedicures

* Driving with the top of the Jeep off.

* Fresh Fruit

* Birthdays (celebrated mine today!)

* Evening bike rides around campus.

* Sunshine

* Kings Island Amusement Park

* Ice Cold Coca Cola (who am I kidding? That is a year round happy.)

* Daddy is home.

* Sleeping in.

* Homemade ice cream at Ms. Fayes.

* Time. Time to slow down, escape the business, and enjoy my life. 28 years of life to be exact.

* Bright Colors

* Country Music (For some reason that down home twang just calls to me in the summer).

* Sunsets

* Fireflies. Watching my daughters dance around the yard trying to catch them.

* Friday night burgers on the grill.

* Visiting with neighbors until dusk.

*Escaping the heat with a summer novel.

These are my summer happies. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

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