Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweetly Six

Just look at my girl. Is she not sweetly beautiful? I cannot believe how grown up she looks, missing tooth and all. I will never forget the day that she made me a Mommy on July the eighth, six years ago. Emma was a wonderfully easy baby, a joyful toddler, an inquisitive preschooler, and now a sweet and sassy six year old.

Emma, at six you are learning so many things! Just this week you learned to ride your bike without training wheels. I had to teach you (Daddy could not seem to let you go), and you practiced that first night until you got it. Round and round the block we went until you could do it all by yourself. You did great, and you did not even fall one time! Spaghetti is your all time favorite food, strawberries your favorite fruit. You love singing and dancing, and doing girly things like putting on make up and playing dress up. You also love frogs and bugs. You love falling asleep with your daddy each night, and I always move you into your bed after you are sound asleep. You love arts and crafts and to draw! I love you.

For Emma's special day she picked out her outfit and had me curl her hair. We even broke out the glitter (notice her forehead :). We met Grammy and Da for Pizza, and Emma opened some of her family presents there. From Mommy and Daddy she got a little gold locket that she had been wanting. From Grammy and Da, a CD player and two CDs (Hannah Montanna!). On a side note, Emma recently informed me that she would be needing some alone time with her music. What? Think she lives with teenage girls much? Anyway, after pizza we went to the mall and played and then Emma, Kate and I got pedicures! It was such fun doing that with my daughters. Emma chose sparkly teal and got a flower on her big toes. After the mall we stopped for ice cream on the way home. Such a fun day. Such an awesome little girl. We love you Em!

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