Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turning Four

On June 26, 2006, God blessed us with our second, beautiful baby girl. Two weeks ago we celebrated her fourth birthday! Where has the time gone? I will never forget the day that Kate came into our lives. It was a relatively quick labor (only experienced pain for an hour!), and after pushing only a few short times, I was holding a 6 pound 9 ounce dark haired beauty in my hands. All of my children are beautiful (I am allowed to be biased :), but all of the nursing staff kept saying that Kate looked just like an Anne Geddes baby in a calendar. I had to agree! She was and still is completely beautiful. We knew as soon as we found out that she was a girl that we would name her Kate, but her daddy and I argued (or respectfully disagreed :) for hours after she was born whether her name would be Anna Kate or Kathryn Anne, before finally deciding the day that we left the hospital to name her Kate Elisabeth. Our Kate Elisabeth.

This year for their birthdays my girls wanted their own parties instead of having a combined one. And with the craziness of everyones different schedules we also decided to split our parties up into having a "friend" party and a "family" party. It gets so complicated as the kids grow! We had Kate's "friend" party the evening before her birthday and she chose a Dora theme. We decorated with many streamers and balloons and Kate loved that it was all especially for her! Daddy grilled out and we basically invited all of the families in our tiny "neighborhood". After dinner the parents were able to chat while some of us organized the kids in some games. We played Pin the Backpack on Dora, Musical Backpacks (like musical chairs), the kids went on an adventure following "Map" that led them to their goody bags, and of course we had our traditional pinata. It was fun! After that we had cake and ice cream and then Kate was able to open her presents. Her gift from Mommy and Daddy was her very own bike! She had been riding Emma's old bike, but had been eyeing a new Barbie bike in the store and she was so excited! The next day for her actual birthday, we watched her birth video and then Grammy and Da took her and Emma to see Toy Story 3 and to have lunch at Panera Bread.

Kate, you are an amazing four year old. You have gotten so much better at sleeping through the night. Every night before you fall asleep, you still say you are just going to "rest your eyes", and then each morning you announce that you have slept until the sun was up. You love to play babies and Barbies, and to basically play whatever Emma wants to play. You love to have your back tickled when you are tired. You hate having to wash and comb your hair, and you scream bloody murder everytime. You LOVE your siblings! You would follow Emma to the ends of the earth, and you adore making Jack smile, talking to him in a little baby voice. You still throw many fits (just keeping it real!), but when disciplined you always say, "But I just love you!". Ha! Have no fear, we are working on that. Kate, your eyes sparkle when you are happy, and our eyes sparkle when we look at you. Thanks for being ours!

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