Monday, August 30, 2010

A Date With Kate

Tonight Kate and I went on a date. She had her mini school orientation/teacher meet and greet at church, and I decided to turn it into a mini mother/daughter date. First thing this morning I declared that no one was going but Mommy and Kate. This brought on tears from both sisters, but I stuck to my guns (even though it broke my heart just a little). Emma was crying because she felt left out, and Kate shed tears because she does not like to do anything without Emma. I just think that sometimes our children need individual attention, even if they do not realize it themselves. Because we homeschool, I am with my children all day, every day, but very rarely am I with them individually. I decided to make the most of this precious opportunity. By this evening both girls were over their sadness. I put on fancy shoes and Kate put on a cute sundress and off we went. Once in the car I turned off the radio and we just talked. About whatever her little four year old heart wanted to talk about. We talked about meeting new friends at mini school, chocolate, ballet class, rabbits, hair color, Anna Boverie, and Swiper The Fox. It was enlightening for sure. Once we arrived Kate "met" her teacher (our sweet friend Mrs. Jenny) and I left her in her classroom while I went to a parent meeting. She had a blast! School is going to be so good for her. One thing we need to work on.... writing her name! Emma learned this in preschool, but tonight it appeared that all of the other kids in the class could already write their name, so we must get busy! After the orientation was over I told Kate that I would take her for a treat. Any treat that she wanted. I was thinking Marble Slab for ice cream or Bob Evans for dessert. You know what she chose? Going to the gas station and picking out a package of MM's. That's right. She wanted gas station candy. When I asked her why she had chosen that, she said, "So we can hurry home and be with Emma!". Sweet, sweet girl. Once back in the van she ate about three MM's before falling asleep. Our "date" was short, but it sure was sweet. I love that girl to the moon and back! Just look at how she shines!

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