Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Long Summer 2010

Yesterday I polled people about when they think that summer is officially over. I did this because my life is exciting like that. The results of my study showed that some people count summer as being over the minute that school is back in session. Some think it is summer as long as the calendar still says that it technically is. Others believe that it is summer for as long as they can wear shorts and flip flops and still feel warm weather. All very interesting responses. Here in the Zickafoose Zoo we sadly believe that summer officially ended today, on this last day of August. September 1st always, always brings about the start of the fall season in our home. That's just how we roll. So in honor of the last day of summer, I decided to post some photos of my ice cream eating darlings. So long summer of 2010. You treated us well, and you will be missed!

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