Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Surprises

Happy September, Friends!!

so far, this month is starting out very nicely for this mama. Today was full of fun surprises! Normally, I do NOT like surprises. I don't like it when Boss keeps my Christmas presents a secret from me. I don't like waiting to find out the genders of my babies. Forget surprises! I want to know right now! Basically, I am just impatient (and nosy), and it is pretty hard for those that love me to pull off a surprise for me.

My little Emma loves surprises. She never wants me to tell her anything about Christmas and she can keep a secret better than any other child I have ever met. She not only loves receiving surprises, but she also loves planning them for other people. This morning when I got out of the shower there was a note taped to the back of my bedroom door. Written in six year old fashion, it read:


What? My little lovely had created a restaurant (or a restront) just for me! My stars, I am a lucky Mama! I quickly got dressed and proceeded to go downstairs not knowing what I would find. You never know with this girl. At the top of the stairs she had turned her ballet bar into a restaurant door and she was the hostess behind it holding a bouquet of fake flowers. Smiling sweetly, she took my ticket and "opened" the door so that I could enter the restaurant. She gave me my flowers and then escorted me to my table. Waiting for me on the table was my breakfast. Emma had prepared a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal just for me. All by herself. Without spilling one single drop of milk. Sweet, sweet, sweetness. It did not matter that I had already eaten or that the cereal had obviously been sitting there the entire time that I showered and had turned into a bowl of soggy mush. I ate every bite of it while my oldest daughter beamed with pride. These kind of surprises? These kind of surprises I love. They are the best. It made my entire day. That was surprise number one.


Surprise number two was that Boss came home from work with a Wii! Oh yes, he did! He rocks, and my littles and I rocked out to Dance Party for a short while. I got beaten by my four year old and my six year old. I think it was only because they were standing closer to the sensor than I was, but they don't believe me. It certainly is not because I have no rhythm. That would be nonsense. I can already tell that we will have some rockin' family time with that thing. Forget reading aloud and chatting about our feelings by the fireplace. We want to play Just Dance!

September is going to be a month to remember. I can already tell.

And P.S. Don't worry. We are working on spelling this year in our homeschool. And the difference between upper and lower case letters, and when to write which. There. I feel better having shared that tid bit of information with you. Carry on.

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