Thursday, September 2, 2010

All In A Day

(The Mama and her Little Ladies)

Thursdays are always busy in the Zickafoose house. I have my staff meeting and staff lunch, which fills up the majority of the school day. I don't teach Emma on Thursdays, but I usually assign her some seat work to do while I am in my meeting. Did you know I have great kids? Each week they are so very well behaved and I am so proud of them! It is a long time for them to be quiet, busy, and sitting in one place, but each week they impress me.


In other news, Emma lost her second tooth today! Well, really her daddy got tired of seeing it dangling there in her mouth and she finally gave him permission to pull it. Isn't her smile just precious?

In honor of another lost tooth, this afternoon she got busy writing her note to leave for the Tooth Fairy. She takes this leaving your tooth in exchange for money business very seriously! Except for the fact that she always wants to keep her teeth.Not quite sure what she wants to do with them? Nevertheless, here is her sweet note. Love how she spells things!


Tonight we enjoyed an evening off with some new friends! We took all of our kiddos to Chuck E Cheese and had so much fun chatting and laughing. The girls won enough tokens to each get a purple ring, a purple bracelet, and a purple plastic fish. All completely wonderful prizes. Totally worth the money. Just kidding. But a good time was had by all. I just love how God continuously fills our life with new friends to walk this journey with! All in all, today was quite a lovely day! Thanks for checking in!


Candy said...

I am certain that yours are among the sweetest and best of children.

Kendra said...

Well they all pretend that their middle name is Huston like Jack. Maybe that plays a part in their goodness?