Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day At The Dairy Farm

I have always loved farms. Always. When I was in junior high, I wanted to grow up and marry a cowboy, have four sons (who would grow up to be cowboys themselves), and we were going to live on a pig farm. Happily ever after, of course. As you know, my life did not actually turn out that way. Instead of a cowboy, I married a sports loving, school principal. A super hot principal if I do say so myself. Instead of four sons, we have two daughters and one bouncing baby boy, and I can't imagine any other combination of children suiting the two of us any better. And fortunately for me, God knew better than I did, and we do not make our home on a pig farm. Thank goodness! Have you ever smelled a pig farm? They stink! Instead, we live out our days at a children's home where we work with troubled teens (though some of them do tend to stink...). Life is just as it was meant to be, but I still love farms. I love the animals, the smell of straw, and the down home country feel. There is just something about turning off the electronics and the business of this world and stepping back in time, if only for a few hours, to experience the simpler ways of life. It stirs something deep within me when I watch my children feed a goat, pet a baby calf, climb on straw bales, and chase clucking chickens! Good old fashioned fun!

Today was a beautiful day in our part of the mid-west, so we decided to make the most of it! We took all of the children (both big and little) to Young's Dairy Farm for an afternoon of good old fashioned fun. We ate lunch in the cafe, feed the goats, toured the barn, saw cows and chickens, carried around a stray kitten, played in the straw bales, sat on tractors, slid down a giant slide, and played putt-putt at Udders and Putters. Whew! So much fun! It was such a fantastic day. My children wore looks of sheer joy on their faces the entire time that we were there. It makes me want to buy them a calf, or a goat, or at least a rabbit. Thank goodness Boss keeps me level headed, or this home of ours really would turn in to a zoo! Or a farm. Instead, every once in a while, he fills up my need for farm life by taking us to spend the day on an actual farm. And then he brings me home content and thankful that I got to love on all of the farm animals, without actually having to do any of the work that is involved in caring for them. Yes, indeed. A day at the farm is sometimes just what this gal needs. Life is good!

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