Sunday, August 15, 2010

Five Month Update

Our boy turned five months old today! Really? Why must he grow? Sigh. Isn't he precious? I still just want to smooch his cheeks every time that I look at him. He has that affect on me :). What's new in Jack's world? He is a roller now! Well, half a roller at least :). These past two weeks he finally mastered rolling from his back to his tummy, and he heads for that position the minute you put him down. It is so cute. He grunts, and strains, and squirms until he is on his belly with both arms out from under him holding his head proudly in the air. Such a big boy! Now we just need to work on rolling back over to his back. Jack is still such a happy baby and he just loves to smile! He is spending more time "up" each day, in his bumbo or just wanting to be held sitting up on your lap so he can look around. Being involved in the action is the name of his game. He has also learned to SCREAM (in a shrill, happy way)! And does so on a regular basis. It makes him happy to hear his own voice. What else? Oh, yes. Jack got sick for the first time a few nights ago and wound up with an early morning trip to the ER with his daddy. The verdict was a double ear infection. Poor guy. He was so sad. Jack's eating and sleeping patterns are still about the same. We have played around with cereal, but hope to make it a regular part of our schedule once school starts and life slows down. I will not tell you that Jack still sleeps in his bouncy seat near our bed each night. Because then you might judge me, and that would not be nice. So I will not tell you where he is sleeping. All I will say is that we go with what works! And eight to nine hour stretches of sleep each night works for me! Jack Ryan is such a sweet little boy. We certainly can't imagine life without him! Happy five months Mister Man! You rock our world!

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