Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Fest

(The Mama and her Children)

Today was a super Saturday! It finally feels like fall. The sun was shining but the air had a cool crispness to it. We started off our Saturday by heading to the local Apple Festival! It was crowded, but their was excitement in the air. And the smells were completely wonderful. Festivals are one of Ohio's many charms.

After the festival, Boss played some golf with his buddies on their golf course, and then the teenagers and I headed to town for our weekly errands. We rode in the jeep with the top off and let the wind blow through our hair. The store was wonderful without any littles begging for this or that (they stayed home to keep Boss company). One teenager did throw a fit complete with foot stomping in the frozen food section, but what can I say? Our day wouldn't be complete without a little drama. The scene quickly passed and we were on our way.

Once home my two little helpers and I made caramel apples with the apples we got from the festival. Delicious! There are no other words to describe them. The recipe was really simple. Mix one bag of individually wrapped caramels with two tablespoons of milk and melt in the microwave, stirring in between. Once melted, roll apples (that have had their stems removed and a wooden craft stick stuck in the center) in
the caramels. Let them harden on a cookie sheet that is greased with butter. See? Easy as pie. Although pie is not really easy to make, so I am not sure who came up with that expression. But caramel apples? Those are easy to make. And did I mention they were delicious?

And just because he is cute as pie, here is a picture of my youngest sporting his overalls courtesy of Ms. Judy. Your welcome.

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