Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

See this litte guy right here? He wanted to wish y'all a happy fall. Isn't he just precious? And he is wearing his signature color, orange, to be fitting for the season. What a guy. He is super stylish like that.

There. Now that you have officially been offered a "Happy Fall Y'all" from our little guy, please allow me to officially welcome you to our home. Our home that has been decorated for fall. Can I just share that I LOVE decorating for seasons and holidays? I do, I do. There is just something so special and festive to me to be in a home that is decorated especially for important seasons and holidays. And I love seeing the excitement in the children's eyes when they walk into our home and it is bursting with color and decorations for the season. So without further ado, a tour in pictures of our home. Take a look around!

Thanks for stopping by! And, Happy Fall Y'all!

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