Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Nights

I love Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night Emma and I have a couch date to watch 19 Kids and Counting. Kate would be invited, but she is always asleep. By the time the show starts, the rest of the house is always in bed, so it is always just the two of us, my biggest girl and I. usually we snuggle up on the couch under a comfy blanket. Tonight we drank our first cup of hot cocoa (complete with marshmallows) of the season. Bliss. I like watching the show because I love big families (regardless of the controversy surrounding them). Emma loves watching all of the kids antics. It's our thing. Our Tuesday night couch date. A night we look forward to and plan for every other night of the week. Just wanted to record that memory here.


In other news, I have a question. I know there are several family members (and maybe friends!) that visit this spot every week and never comment. That is completely fine and dandy. But this week all opinions matter.

If you had been given a small (only not that small, but very, very generous!) sum of money, what would you spend it on? We are supposed to put this money towards something fun for our family. It is not to be used on bills or debt. I think we have it narrowed down to two items: a king sized bed or a golf cart. Don't judge. Both of those items are a bit frivolous and are not things that we would ever buy for ourselves under normal circumstances.

On one hand, I want the bed. my favorite part of visiting hotels is the king sized bed. I have wanted one ever since we were married. We are not co sleepers in our family, but we are firm believers in the occasional sleepover and definitely love early morning snuggles that last until the sun comes up. While I value my space and my relationship with my husband (in believing that our room should be our room), we both believe that snuggling children is absolutely high on the list of things we are going to miss once our kids are grown. But lately I have been turning children away from our bed. There is just no room! I foresee many good movie nights, sleepovers, and snuggle fests were we to invest in a larger bed. One of my children casts her vote for the bigger bed. Can you guess which one?! Ha!

On the other hand, a golf cart has been on my list of dream "toys" for a few years now. When I was younger we visited some friends who lived in the country and had a golf cart that we got to drive all over the neighborhood. It was awesome. And once on vacation we rented a golf cart so that we could tour the island we were visiting. So fun! As you know, we live in the country and I think having a golf cart out here would be a blast. One of our neighbors has a work cart that she drives around, and her grandchildren have so much fun riding around in that thing! It is pure joy on their faces while they are in it. If we had a cart I could see us driving all over the lanes on this piece of land we call home. I could see us driving it to have picnics by the lake. Also, Boss and his buddies have built themselves their own little golf course out here, so of course having a cart would be a bonus for them. I can also see Boss teaching our children how to drive it one day. I just think it would create some really special memories for our kids as they grow up out here. My other bigger child votes for the golf cart.

So what do you think? What would you buy? Which of these sounds like a better choice? Or is there something we aren't thinking of that would be even more fun? I realize this post is completely materialistic and pointless, but won't you help a sister out? You will? Great!

Happy Tuesday, friends. Hope your day was blessed!


Candy said...

I would go with the golf cart. The other day when you mentioned this at Momma's you made it sound like you had no wish for a golf cart. I would say if you both would find lots to enjoy with one get it. My parents didn't get a king sized bed until we were all gone and married and we always snuggled. As a matter of fact through our teenage years we would sit on the end their bed and chat nearly every night before bed.

The Mama said...

Yeah, in the beginning I did not think I wanted one! then i remembered all the fun i had on them when I was little. It wasn't that often, but it was fun! And then I saw Allye and Judy's granddaughter in my head, and they always have so much fun! Your momma was good to snuggle you in her bed! I think I could go for end of bed chatting! Just need to convince Emma the end of the bed is cool. She thinks its only fun if her feet are in my ribs.

Kathryn said...

At the risk of sucking away all of your fun, I'd go for the bed. We LOVE our king sized bed, and when Audrey takes an occasional nap with us, it's just the best!

On to my fun-sucking logic: Your bed and its memories can go with you wherever you move. Plus, it will get used every day! While the golf cart would be super fun in your current country living situation, it may not work in places you live in the future. Also, it won't get used nearly as often, especially in those Ohio winters!

That's my 2 cents. What a fun decision to get to make!