Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Six Months Mister Man

(Look who's happy to be celebrating a half birthday!)

Six months ago today, we were holding our new baby boy for the very first time. We were gazing at his tiny, perfect body and his head full of dark hair. We were exhausted, but oh so ecstatic. His new life was such an amazing gift to us that day. It still is to this day. Now, somehow, six months have already past. Our baby is no longer tiny. His little frame has been replaced by deliciously round rolls. His head of hair gone (except in the back in true Zickafoose baby fashion), and in its place a shiny, fairly bald head with new little wisps coming in every day. We love him in every way possible. Now, a letter to my son.

Dear Jack Ryan,

Today you are six months old! Do you know how happy you make us? Daddy thinks you are a cool little dude, Mommy can't stop smooching you, and your sisters are still smitten even after six months. They love to make you smile and laugh and they squeal with delight when you pull their hair. You are the most mellow, happiest, most smiley baby I have ever known. How did we ever get so lucky? Rarely do you fuss. Usually only when you are hungry. At most any other time, all someone has to do is look in your direction and you reward them with one of your fabulous grins! Your grins are the best.

Mister Man, you have gotten so big! You go for your well child check next Tuesday, and I am curious to see what you weigh. I bet you are around 17 pounds! My very favorite feature of yours are your sweat cheeks. They are so perfect for smooching. You still love to eat, and you still want to be fed every three hours, except for through the night. Most mornings now you dine on rice cereal and applesauce or bananas. When I am feeding you, you get your tongue going a mile a minute and I can't spoon it in fast enough! This week we will start you on some veggies. I know. You can't wait.

Jack, you are still a great sleeper. You don't really nap throughout the day, just cat naps here and there, wherever you happen to be. At night you give 8 - 9 hours straight. No complaints from this momma! You are so happy, you are never any trouble.

You have some new tricks! You can now roll, roll, roll. Finally! You also can reach for your toys and bring them to your mouth now for the ultimate taste test. You still must be supported when you sit up, but you are oh so close to sitting independently. It won't be long now. When we started school, Mommy bought you a exersaucer and you love it. We love you.

Jack Ryan, you are my snuggle bug. If you ever get sad, you like me to hold you close to my chest and kiss your sweet head. You look into my eyes and rub my face with your chubby hands. And I fall a little bit more in love with you every single time.

We love you Mister Man. These past six months were wonderful, but they went way too fast. Please slow down. I wouldn't care if you were my baby forever.

Love, Mama

* We got Jack's six months pictures taken a coupe of weeks ago. They turned out precious, but I can't upload them onto here because of copyrights. So imagine with me if you will, a precious round baby boy wearing a chocolate brown and cream Hawaiian print shirt, khaki shorts, and a brown fedora with matching Hawaiian print trim. That's right. He looks like a complete doll in them!

(Whew! This growing thing is hard work!)

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