Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fun 1

One of my favorite things about living in Ohio is the abundance of pumpkin patches in our area. Seriously. They are everywhere, and I love it. This year my girls and I have made it our mission to visit and explore as many as we possibly can. Today we started with our first one. It was only about ten minutes from our home and it was oh, so very fun! Grammy and Da met us there and we had a great time. We slid down slides, did the hay maze, walked through the sunflower fields, posed for Momma's 1,000 photo's, completed the corn maze, and selected pumpkins. Super, duper fun. This is hands down the best season of the year. Love it.

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Amy said...

I totally agree! I love fall the most. We are going to a pumpkingpatch/corn maze/train ride/petting zoo tomorrow and I can't wait. I think the boys will have a blast roaming around. I'm pretty jealous that you really get the full benefits of the fall season. Be sure to take pictures of the changing leaves so I can live vicariously through you :)

I know I'm terrible about commenting, but I love your updates and I never miss a post. Your kids are just so precious and I love hearing about your full lives!

By the way...the rug in the boys' room is from IKEA. It is really pretty big and it was super cheap. Do y'all have those up there?