Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seven Month Update

Yesterday, our boy turned seven months old. I am finding that hard to believe. One of my sweet friends daughter, Allye, said yesterday, "It really is hard to remember life without Jack!". She is oh, so right! With each one of my children's births into our family, life's abundant blessings have increased ten fold. Jack's addition to our family was no different. Life is just better with him in it!

Jack Ryan Huston,

Oh, how I love you little man! I love your rolls, your soft, big brown eyes, your contagious smile, and the way that you grab my face when you are happy to see me. You have really grown and changed this past month! I say to your daddy all the time, that I do believe this has been the biggest month for you to date. Let's see. What's new?

Well, you got your first two teeth! They are both on the bottom, and you look like a sweet little JACK-o-lantern when you grin! You also learned how to roll completely over this month. Before you would only roll from your tummy onto your back before getting angry and stuck. Now you can roll your chubby little body any which way you please. You can also sit up now and it is a whole new world for you! You no longer want to be strapped down for anything. I let you ride in the front of the shopping cart (instead of in your carrier) this week, and you smiled at everyone that we passed. You were happy to be up and free! You are turning into a busy, busy little boy. Mister Man, you love to eat baby food, and I do believe you have sampled most everything now. The only thing you are not too crazy about are green vegetables. You are your mothers child :).

The only negative thing would be that your sleeping habits are struggling a little bit right now. Clearly you missed the memo about how much sleep your Mama needs. Have no fear,I will resend it to you. You are no longer the little boy who will sleep anytime, anywhere. If you miss a nap you get overly tired and things get ugly. Sometimes the only solution is to put you in your bed and let you cry it out. Usually you are asleep within minutes. The problem seems to be that you have now started wanting to eat in the middle of the night again, and are waking earlier to eat as well. We love spending time with you buddy, but seriously, this needs to stop. :). Mama is hoping that this is just a little growth spurt and that things will return to normal soon!

This past week we packed away your baby swing and your bouncer and infant car seat are soon to follow. Right before our eyes you are turning into a chubby, sweet, rather grown up looking baby boy. Watching you grow and change melts my heart with sadness, yet fills it with an indescribable pride and joy at the very same time. I feel so thankful and blessed that you are mine!

Love, Mama

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