Monday, November 8, 2010

The Magic of Monday

Most people dread Mondays. Perhaps they dread that the weekend is over, or that they must start back up to work for another five days. Or perhaps they dread the thought of waking up early or the busy schedule of the coming week. It seems that most people really live life for themselves during the weekends (you know what I mean, spending time doing the things that they want to do), but the rest of the week they live for their employer, if you will, meeting the demands of their job, and juggling the hectic schedule of family and work. But not me. I am so thankful that Boss and I decided a very long time ago (at the beginning of our marriage, really) that we would not live the "traditional" American life, of working the Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm job, simply to make ends meet or to climb a corporate ladder. A few times in our life together we have strayed from our non-traditional work plan (mostly from necessity, but occasionally by choice), but we have always jumped back on the train just as fast as we could each and every time. Why? There are many reasons, really, for our non-traditional family/work lifestyle choice, but one of the reasons is because we get to love Mondays. When you work in a field or mission that you love and are passionate about, you get to love every single day, really. Each day is a day for me to get up and love on my family. Each day I get to ask the Lord what He would have for me that day, and I get to try and accomplish those things. Each day I get to serve others, and enjoy my home. Yes, life is good. Certainly not perfect, but very, very good. And in my world, Mondays are especially good.

Every Monday, my parents give me the gift of five hours to myself. Pure bliss. The girls have dance class every Monday, so my parents offered at the beginning of this dance season to take the girls to class each week. And as if that were not nice enough, they offered to take Mister Man, as well. Ahhh. Sometimes I don't know what to do with all of that time to myself! If the night has been a particularly long one with my tiniest babe, I usually crawl back into bed and pull the covers up to my chin and rest. Sometimes for one hour, sometimes for four :). If I am feeling well rested already, my day to myself almost always includes a chai latte form Starbucks or Panera Bread, some Target browsing and sometimes buying (my favorite store on the planet!), and usually some time at home or at the main office to get organized or caught up on something that I have neglected during the previous week. No matter what I do, the time alone is always appreciated.

I feel quite blessed that I don't have to dread Mondays like most of the rest of the world. I feel blessed that I work in a "job" that really isn't like a job at all. I feel blessed that Boss and I are serving in the same field. I feel blessed that I have family close by that is willing to spoil me. And I feel especially blessed that at the end of my magical Mondays, that three little heads are smiling and waiting for me to smooch their cheeks and ask them how their day has been. Yes, in our home, the magic of Monday is a beautiful thing. I hope you can find a way to make Monday, and everyday, magic in your home, as well. Happy Monday, friends!

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