Thursday, March 10, 2011


*** Tonight our campus had a party! We had a wonderful celebration in honor of the gift of knowing and loving our son during this first year of his life. We kept it simple. We invited those families who are closest to Jack, and are so thankful that we are blessed with so many friends who love and pray for our boy. We had supper together (pizza, chips, veggies, grape salad (yummo! Thank you, Ms. Faye!), and cookies. Jack opened a few gifts of love. He received a large blue ball, some adorable outfits made by his Aunt Candy, some super cool new toys, a gallon of whole milk (goodbye formula!), and lots of cards filled with words of love. To say our son is loved on this campus would be an understatement. He is adored! Jack is never lacking for arms to hold him. Emma made him a sweet birthday hat. She had to use three pieces of paper to fit his big head :). Grammy (my mom) made his first birthday cake, and we gathered around the table to sing to him. Then he promptly burst into tears! He was much happier once Mama agreed to spoon feed him his cake and ice cream. Yes, he is quite spoiled. Jack Ryan, you are so very loved! It was a joy to celebrate your precious life. ***