Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Little Graduate

Last Friday my Buggy graduated from Mini School. The ceremony was precious. She was precious. See?

I told you. A complete doll, that smallest girl of mine. Both sets of grandparents were able to drive down for Kate's special night. Kate selected Golden Corral as her restaurant of choice for our family meal before graduation began. She selected that restaurant for one super important reason: multiple ice cream toppings. Enough said. After supper, we headed over to the church and I got Kate situated in her cap and gown. Then a lump grew in my throat and stayed there for the rest of the evening. My middle baby is growing up.

When it was her turn to receive her diploma, they called her name and she shyly walked up onto the stage. The speaker read aloud that Kate Elisabeth Zickafoose wanted to be a soccer player when she grew up. (Insert here the fact that Kate has never even played soccer in her life...but there was another girl in her class that said she wanted to roll around on the floor like a ball when she grew up, so I suppose that being a soccer player beats that! Dontcha just love four year olds? They rock!) Then she curtsied cutely in front of her teachers, shook their hands, and they handed her her diploma. And then she beamed at her daddy and I and ran to sit with us for the rest of the ceremony. You can bet that I held her as tight as I could for as long as she would allow. Time is just moving way too fast, and there is not a pause button in sight.

Mini school was such a wonderful experience for Kate. She learned all of her letters, numbers, colors, and shapes this year. She learned how to count, hold her pencil, and write her name. She learned how to make friends and be obedient in a class room setting. She learned that life exists without her big sister at her side (though I'm secretly okay if she doesn't learn that again for a very long time).

While we have chosen to homeschool our children during this season of their lives, both of our daughters attended preschool, and it was such a great experience for each of them. I am so thankful to all of the people who made it a great experience for each of my daughters! But I am also thankful that we can take a break from this stage of life, at least for three more years :). For the next three years, all of my babies will be at home with me, and that is exactly where they belong.

Kate, your daddy and I love you so very much! We are so proud of you! You were such a good listener this year, and you learned so many new things. We know God has special plans for your life. You bring our family joy. Happy graduation!

Love, Mama