Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

As usual, the Z family Halloween festivities were quite frightful and fun this year! Okay, there was nothing frightful about our Halloween, but we certainly did have a lot of fun! This year we had a medieval princess (Emma), a ballerina kitty cat (Kate), and a golfer (Jack). The girls had such a great time dressing up for a campus party, Trunk-or-Treat at the church building, and trick-or-treating around campus. Anything that involves their besties (the Boverie sisters) and chocolate, and you pretty much have a winner event in the eyes of my daughters. Jack, however, did not love Halloween. He HATED his costume and wanted it off!! We, of course, found it hilarious and left his costume on for all of the events for our parental enjoyment. Jack also was not a fan of trick-or-treating. He did not want to walk around from house to house. He wanted to play basketball. The boy has a one track mind when it comes to sports (he gets that from his daddy). So, being the responsible adult that I am, I trick-or-treated on behalf of Jack. I did not want his candy to go to waste, so I ate it for him too! And when he wanted a bite? I said, "Sorry, son. Maybe next time you should put the ball down and get the candy yourself!". That'll show him! I think that about sums up Halloween 2011 for the Z family. Thanksgiving, here we come!