Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This year we are planning on a nice, quiet, simple Thanksgiving at our home. Just the way that we like it. A few of the teenage girls will be enjoying the special meal with our family, as well as my parents. My little girls and I have been having such fun preparing our decorations for the big day! Pilgrim hat place cards, homemade place mats. My mom and I have also enjoyed planning our menu! Ham, turkey, sausage stuffing (my grandmother's recipe), cream cheese mashed potatoes, strawberry pretzel salad, and the list goes on. Yummy, comfort foods that warm both heart and belly. After lunch the boys will retire to the couches to watch some football, the girls will gather around the table and work on a fall puzzle. Pumpkin pie will be eaten, white pumpkin hot chocolate sipped. Family loved and enjoyed. That evening, after my parents have left, we will head over to our neighbors (really they are our second family) home for leftovers, cards, laughter, and the beginning makings of our Christmas lists! But not before we light up our home for the season with twinkling little lights before we go! My heart is so full just thinking about the wonderful day that is coming! I feel so blessed in this life that I have. Wonderful, amazing husband. Awesome, funny children. Supportive, loving extended family. Friends who treat us like family. I really do feel as though it is a wonderful life! And I thank God everyday for my many blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!