Monday, June 18, 2012

The Boss Man

I am still working out some kinks on this new blog site of mine (okay, I am not really working on them because I don't know how), and I still am unable to upload photos (grrrr), but I couldn't sleep tonight without giving a shout out to my Boss man. Yesterday was Father's Day. We gave Boss cards that the girls had made and a hill billy golf set to play with in our new backyard. We also made him a peanut butter pie and bought him some IBC root beer. Those are keys to the man's heart, I tell you what. We went to morning worship, and then we spent the day with friends. The daddy's golfed together and then finished their day by watching golf on the TV. Golf is another key the Boss' heart. Peanut butter, root beer, and golf, and he is one happy dude. Throw in a wife, two daughter's, and a son, and he thinks he has won the lottery. And I love him for that. Because our life together really is all that he wants. It is enough for him. While I spend many hours dreaming of what is yet to be, Boss is always thankful for what is. He sees us, his family, as a gift, and he treats us as such. What I didn't tell you about yesterday was that he still rose early with two of our children, cleaned the house, ran a load of laundry and prepared Jack's bag for church,  all before I had even gotten up for the day. On a day where I should have been serving him, he still served me. And this is nothing new for him. He works hard at all that he does, and our home and family life are no exception. So while I may be the dreamer, always wishing for the next this or that, I never wish for someone else to spend my life with. I never wish for someone else to raise my children with. He is all that I want. My other half. Boss, Happy Father's Day. You are the best, and not a day goes by where I do not feel as though I do not deserve your goodness to our family. You really are the best man that I know. How on earth did I get so lucky?