Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sum Sum SUMMERTIME Adventures

I believe that every single day is an adventure waiting to happen. Each day we wake up is reason to celebrate! And this summer is no exception. In fact, everything seems more spectacular this particular summer, because Boss is home most days, we have very few weekly commitments, and it has been so long since it has been just the five of us that every day feels so relaxed and like a party! Most days we sleep in (not Boss, he didn't get the sleeping gene in his DNA, and not Kate as she takes after Boss). But the rest of us? We sleep in as if our lives depend on it. Professional sleepers, we are. We have slow, lazy mornings, cold breakfasts so as not to heat up the house first thing in the morning, and by eleven am the grown-ups (that's myself and Boss) decide that perhaps it is time to get everyone dressed for the day.  And then we sit around the lunch table and decide what our adventure for the day should be.

Yesterday's adventure was to the local splash pad. We loaded up our picnic basket, packed our bag with towels and sunscreen, and then we hit the road. And it was so much fun! For a simple three dollars we had three hours of fun. That's a dollar an hour, folks! And even Boss can smile at that. He likes him some cheap fun. The kids splashed in the creek, played in the tiny fountains, slid down slides (extra fast since they were all wet, which was AWESOME according to Emma), and tried out their skills on the monkey bars. And then they repeated everything all over again. Every time Boss or I would try and sit down, Jack would run up to us, grab our hands, and say, Come! So of course we would get up and follow him as he went on his next adventure. And when we were all done, we loaded three tired, sun kissed, happy children up in the family mobile and we headed home. And I felt happy, because another day was celebrated.

And just so you know, the day was not perfect. Boss didn't particularly want to be going on an adventure that day, we had to scrape the three dollars together out of our coin jar, our kids whined because we wouldn't buy them an ice cream cone, and where we chose to have our picnic ended up being right next to a screaming mama. If I never hear the name Acadia yelled again, it will be just fine and dandy with me. But it's okay that the day was not perfect. Perfection isn't the point of going on an adventure. Just going on it is the point. Being together, exploring the world, making memories, and living. Those things are what adventures are all about.