Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Bling

Kate and Emma

Today the girls and I went shopping for a new outfit for the first day of HELP (our local homeschool organization). Classes start back up next week, and we all figured that a little bling and sparkle were in order. We started our morning out by dropping little brother off with Grammy, because shopping with a boy of any age is not fun, but it is especially not fun if the little boy is two. Don't believe me? Feel free to borrow Jack anytime and see for yourself! Ha!

After Jack had departed, we rolled down our windows, turned up our Kids Bop CD, and turned our car towards the shops. Our first stop was Once Upon a Child (our favorite children's resale clothing store). Both girls found snazzy 'first day' outfits for under ten dollars each. After that, we browsed the baby gear and dreamed about what it will be like when we finally get the call for our first foster baby. (Come on, phone! Ring!) After that, we headed across the street to Target, where both Emma and Kate selected a new pair of shoes (oh my, you should see the one's Kate chose!) and something fun to wear in their hair. We finished off our trip with Icee's, and while we paid my oldest daughter told me I was the best mama in the world. Her words kind of melted my heart.

I am not going to lie. It hasn't been an easy financial transition for us since leaving the children's home last May. Not only did we lose my salary, but we added a house payment and the monthly bills that go along with that. It's been a bit stressful, to say the least, and we have had to reign in our usual spending quite a bit. Boss reminds me all the time that we are trying to do something that is very hard. Most families in the world today are two income families. But we believe wholeheartedly that being home with our children is where I'm supposed to be, so we make it work. For us, that meant that this year our back to school shopping was at a second hand clothing store instead of at Kohl's or Justice. And instead of having a girlie lunch at Olive Garden or Panera Bread, this year our special treat was an Icee. But my kids still smiled, they still got their bling, and with a sparkle in their eye, they still told me that I was the best mama in the world. My daughter's proved to me today that they don't need name brands or fancy meals. All we really need is each other. I am so thankful for my girl's attitudes and hearts, and I am so thankful for the gift of getting to spend my days with them. There is nowhere else that I'd rather be.

*** It might seem a bit silly that a homeschooler would need a 'back to school' outfit, but contrary to popular opinion, we don't do school in our jammies every single day of the week! Though it would be kind of awesome if we did. ***

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