Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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I love this. I really do. Another way to shine the love of Christ in a dark world. Because Christ? He offers the gift of water, too. To the woman at the well (John 4:1-26). To me. To you. But he doesn't just offer water. He offers the gift of living water, so that all who drink of it might never thirst again. And if all of us who already know what it is like to never thirst (physically or spiritually),  if we all partnered together to offer a village in need the gift of drinking water, perhaps that very village just might catch a glimpse of living water in the process? Perhaps, because of you and me, they might catch a glimpse of the very One who saves?

Can you imagine going from feeling a physical thirst on a daily basis, to your very soul never thirsting again?

It seems impossible, but that is exactly what God does. He makes the impossible possible.

Yet even still, I must confess that this is hard for me. And I hate that. I hate that mint green and coral dresses were already calling to me from the aisles at Target (silly Target, always trying to trip me up). And I hate that I actually feel like I might suffer a small bit if I don't get to buy those dresses. Because in reality, I know NOTHING of suffering! My babies are hydrated. My babies are fed. My babies will look beautiful, whether dressed in mint green and coral or not.

So why is it so hard? Why do we cling so tightly to the luxuries of this world when our brothers and sisters go without the most basic of necessities? Why is it so hard to let go, to live fully for Christ? I yearn for the day when it is not so hard for me. When living for Christ comes as naturally as breathing. So this challenge? If you are like me and struggle with the laying down of self, this might be a good place to start. Because if Easter is all about Christ, about his sacrifice and ultimately his resurrection, can't I sacrifice even something small of myself? I think I can. I know I can. And I can't wait to share this challenge with my children tomorrow morning. Our family will be joining in.

And always remember.

The point of everything is to point to God in all things.

Even in the small things, like the (not) buying of a new dress, no matter how beautiful the color of that dress might be. Because the laying down of self for a brother or sister is more beautiful than any mint green or coral dress ever could be.

When you are radically grateful for being blessed — you are radically generous to the oppressed. - Ann Voskamp

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