Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Be a Beauty Creator

I dream of far off places. For someone so fearful, my dreams travel far.

I dream of big cities. I dream of buildings and Broadway, of culture meets coffee house charm. I dream of busy streets, of people heading important places. I dream of artwork in the form of architecture, and adventure that knows no bounds. In a big city, every body can be somebody. In a big city, I could be somebody.

I dream of the ocean. Of waves crashing loud, exclaiming creation. I dream of feeling small as the tide rolls in, of knowing that life is larger than self. I dream of sand beneath my toes, and sunshine on my face. I dream of seashells, and splashing, and smiles.

I dream of the mountains, of trees towering tall. I dream of walking, and walking, yet never out walking God. I dream of cabins, and quaintness, and down to earth people. The salt of the earth variety. I dream of all that is real. Mountains make me feel alive. Mountains assure me that my Creator is alive.

I dream of the country, of life lived slower. I dream of hard work and hearty meals. A place where every body knows your name, and a neighbor will give you the shirt off his back. Just like that. No questions asked. I dream of land, and animals, and a place where family life is valued and placed high.

But I don't live in the city, and I don't live by the ocean.  I don't live in the mountains, and I am not in the country. And those places, no matter how I dream long for them, those places are not the setting for my story. For today, my story takes place here. On Fieldcrest Lane. It's what I have been given.  And it's easy to get caught in the grass is greener trap. It's easy to dream so much, that the reality of the day becomes a disappointment. Some people spend a lifetime searching for beauty. Other's create it right where they are. And I want that to be me.

I want to be a beauty creator.

In my home, in my church, in my town. In my marriage, and as I mother my children. And dreaming is not bad, I will always be a dreamer. But I cannot allow my dreams to rob me of my days. For a beauty creator finds contentment right where she is.


Brittnie said...

It's a fine act. . . trying to balance ones dreams with enjoying and fully embracing the present. Like you, I'm trying to create beauty RIGHT where I am NOW. :)

The Mama said...

So true! I have lived long enough to know that the grass is not always greener, but it does not keep my mind from wandering. Working daily on taking captive every thought, and thanking God for my many blessings!