Monday, April 22, 2013

a story of hope

I first met Brittnie in the early nineties.

You know. Back when perms and Keds were rockin' the planet. (Is it true that the Keds style shoe is making a come back or are my eyes deceiving me?) Brittnie had just moved to our town with her family and she became a fast friend to our little gaggle of girls at church. We shared secrets, and sleepovers, and silliness. It was at her house that I plucked my eyebrows for the very first time (and I am not sure they have ever fully recovered). Brittnie was a part of my life until high school, but after that we parted ways. I began attending a different private school and my family began attending another church.

Fast forward fifteen or so years and I discovered Brittnie's blog. She was now an adult! Just like me! Duh. But I still find it weird that we are now the grownups in life. I loved catching up on the years of her life that I had missed. We were now both wives and mothers. And we shared something else that I had no idea about until I read her words. We had both walked through the darkness that is an eating disorder and had come out on the other side.

We both now shared a story of hope.

Brittnie's blog is a beautiful place. She writes there of her joy renewed. And today she asked me to share in her space. It is an honor to share my story of hope.

To visit Brittnie's blog and to read my story click here. And as always, thank you for sharing in my life. Life is so much better when we do it together.

(Eeek! I just read my words over on her site. Oh, the mess that was my grammar and spacing! Please ignore, as I was writing with fingers trembling....)


Brittnie said...

I just LOL when I read you plucked your eyebrows for the first time at my house!!! That is awesome. Gotta love a Mary Kay bday party, huh?

So glad we've reconnected after all these years!

And. . . I didn't even notice your spacing or grammar mess-ups so no worries. I always get too caught up and involved in the story and thus completely overlook all things grammar!

Kendra Zickafoose said...

Yes! I think it was your surprise 13th? For me, that party started an eyebrow plucking addiction... and now (even after all of these years) I barely have any left to pluck. Sigh.