Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two More Tidbits

Although it has been several days since my last post, I was correct in saying that my daughter would come up with some new tidbits in the moments to come! (I am just late in posting them!)

Last Sunday in Bible class, Emma was learning about John the Baptist. She made a paper bag John puppet and has carried him around with her for several days now. John has become a very important member of our family, and that is putting it mildly. This very same week, Emma also got a Mr. Waternoose toy (from Monster's Inc.) who is very important to her, as well. One day in the car John the Baptist and Mr. Waternoose were having a deep conversation and it went something like this:

John: Hi Mr. Waternoose. My name is John.

Mr. Waternoose: Hi, John. I am a monster. Are you a scary monster like me?

John: No, I am not a scary monster. I am a scary baptist! Ha!

Emma is also very much into princesses. And that is putting it lightly. When she is in her dress up clothes, she will only speak to you if you address her as Princess Emma. A few days ago I asked her if I could be a princess too, and she said, No, mama. You know you will always be the maid. I suppose I have been handed my true calling in life......

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