Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Circus Party

It's a Circus Party,
It will be so much fun.
Emma's turning three,
and Kate's turning one.

There will be food, games
and lots of cake, too...
To celebrate this birthday,
we NEED you!

Those were the words I penned for the invitations to the girl's birthday party. We made them ourselves, and they turned out so cute! We had the party yesterday and it was a success! We chose a JoJo's Circus theme, so we had a circus tent, streamers, balloons, a pin the nose on the clown game, a clown bean bag toss, and the signature pinata. Grammy made Kate a JoJo cake and Emma a Goliath the Lion cake. The party was very precious and special. Kate especially loved shoving cake into her cute chubby cheeks, and my Emma looked so beautiful, as she waited for us to blow out her candle. She looked so grown up that it brought tears to this mama's eyes. I want to close my eyes and remember this day for years to come. The days move slowly, but the years are gone before we know it. Savor each one.

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Anonymous said...

i want to cry! it looks like we missed a great day... :( we miss all you guys greatly. we didn't get that job, there was someone with more experience. i guess god has other plans! love you, kristin