Thursday, August 23, 2007


1) Boss has landed his dream job and he is now, for the FIRST time in his life, an Athletic Director at Village Christian School! It is a tiny, private school (only 100 students), so Boss will get to build his own program from the ground up! This is an answered prayer!

2) For the FIRST time in her life, Emma (Bunny One as she now insists on being called) slept through the night ALL BY HERSELF, IN HER OWN BED! And it only took a one good, long lecture (and a ballerina Barbie) to get her to do so. I am very proud of her, though I do fear I might possibly miss having her little body snuggled next to mine each night.

3) Kate said her FIRST word, and the story gets even cooler! She is 14 months old and barely speaks. She throws out an occasional Hi (sometimes even at the appropriate moment!), but other than that we get nothing out of her. However, last night in Bible class, Kate reached for her Bible and without being prompted, she said BIBLE! How fun to be able to say that my daughter's FIRST word was bible! I am so proud of my pickles!

4) I have almost completed my very FIRST (and possibly last) quilt! An awesome lady from our church has been teaching me how to quilt, and I am almost done with my first project. I love that quilting allows me to work with my hands, as well as make something beautiful.

I love when FIRST'S happen, however, I am a bit nostalgic, because it means we are learning and growing (which is great!), but it also means the leaves of our lives are changing and pretty soon all of these firsts will simply be sweet memories. It reminds me not to wish my life away and to enjoy each and every day I am given with my precious girls and husband. Enjoy today!

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Kelli said...

What a week!

And I have to ask- is this "The" Village Christian. The one in SO Cal?

Proud alumni (well, at least of elem school). I was there basically in the "dark ages". LOL