Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(Emma and our new dog, Grace)


Anonymous said...

Sarah gave my your blogspot so that I could see your girls. They are beautiful. My how you have grown up. Sue Larkin

Anonymous said...

sigh...I am happy that our (your) girl looks so happy! Really, I am, I promise! I would much rather her be happy and adjusted than not. That day you called I wasn't having a very good day and when I got home I looked at these pictures and when I was done missing her and crying, they made me smile! :) You are going to have to kick her out of your bed, though, at some point, unless y'all are just super sleepers or something! We slept so much better when she learned where her bed was at night! Of course, you may be used to it after having your girls in there with you! Hope everyone is still doing good, keep us posted...give Grace kisses from her 1st mommy!