Friday, November 2, 2007

Bunny One

These pictures are dear to my heart. Emma is a bright, funny, sensitive, and tender hearted little girl, and I fall more in love with her every single day. Today is not Emma's birthday. In fact, today holds no signifigance at all. Just an ordinary day. But, I have been thinking about how quickly my oldest daughter is growing, and I wanted to record a few of the things that I love about Emma at this stage in her life. I want to etch her, at age three, into my mind and my heart forever.

Emma is smart. She can recognize and write every letter of the alphabet, as well as write her name She asks one million questions a day, and she won't settle for a basic answer! She wants to know what EVERYTHING is and HOW it works!

Emma's favorite foods are waffles, grapes, spaghetti, and candy. She loves Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and anything Barbie or My Little Pony.

Emma loves playing pretend, and she has an imaginary giant, aptly named Giant, that she pulls out of her pocket whenever she is feeling lonely or insecure. She currently insists on being called Bunny One.

Emma is a wonderful big sister, and she finds joy in showing off her baby sister to all we meet. She is super proud when Kate accomplishes something new!

Emma is currently in ballet, and she says she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. She also plans on marrying her daddy. I tell her that if she finds someone half as amazing as her daddy is, then she will be a lucky woman.

Emma loves God. When I asks her whose girl she is (meaning mama or daddy's), she says neither...I am God's girl! I pray she never forgets that.

Emma is growing up so quickly. Gone is the baby fat, chubby cheeks, and blubbery kisses. And in their place stands a beautiful little girl with so much wonder in her eyes and love in her heart. I am blessed and proud to witness her growing up. Emma, Mommy loves you!

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