Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sweet Kate

Kate is now 16 months old. She is a complete pistol! A very cute pistol, but boy is she ornery Kate is in to ABSOLUTELY everything, and she is in constant motion. She destroys everything in her path! Her charm helps to keep her out of trouble.
Every time she gets in trouble, she now stands on her head to make us laugh and forget about being mad. I should be embarassed to admit that it usually works.What a little stinker!

Kate always wants to be doing whatever her big sister is doing. She enjoys music and dancing, playing with anything she can push or pull, and taking rides in her wagon.

Kate is extremely independent and she wants to do everything for herself. Her current favorite foods are cheese slices, yogurt, and grapes. She is fluent in baby, but she is struggling with the English language. She has a vocabulary of about 10 words, two of which include NO and MINE. I am so proud. Kate can also be very sweet, and my favorite time of day is when she grabs my cheeks with her sticky, chubby hands, and plants a wet one on my lips. Melts my heart every time! Kate still does not sleep through the night, but I tend to forgive her when she offers me kisses and her cheesy grin.

Kate, you keep our family laughing, and my world would not be as bright if you were not in it.

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Anonymous said...

I always love your posts! so sweet and your babies are so grown up! have you tried to publish your book yet? you really do need to look into writing, you are very talented, my friend! love y'all bunches, have a wonderful week! Kristin :)