Friday, February 1, 2008


When Kate turned a year old, we switched her over to whole milk. She hated it! So, Boss decided he would make her milk a bit more tasty by adding chocolate syrup to every single bottle he made. Talk about creating a sweet tooth! Now, my Kate doesn't say very much, but she has taught her little self how to say the word chocolate.

Kate is also at the age where she puts her hands where she shouldn't while I am changing her diaper. Last week I was changing a gross one, and before I could stop her, Kate reached down and swiped a finger through the mess. She held her chubby little finger up to her face and with a grin she said, Ummmmm Chocolate! She seriously would have eaten it had I not swiped her finger very quickly with a wipe. Seriously. That is my Kate.

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Mob said...

Oh do I love a good gross story. Way to go mommie, quick draw with the wipe. Sometimes my Hannah will kick her foot in it, So thanks for giving me the heads up.